Conservatory Polycarbonate Self Supporting Bars

Self supporting 85’ Heavy Duty Bar is for larger lean-to roofs or commercial glazing applications where longer spans or heavier loading specifications are required. It has a maximum self supporting span of up to 4.15 metres at 600mm centres when used with 16mm to 25mm polycarbonate sheet. When using glass units contact us  for spanning details.

Self Supporting Bar 2.5m

Self Supporting Bar 3.0m

Self Supporting Bar 4.0m

Self Supporting Bar 6.0m

Self Supporting Bar 2.5m Edge Bar

Self Supporting Bar 3.0m Edge Bar

Self Supporting Bar 4.0m Edge Bar

Self Supporting Bar 6.0m Edge Bar

Vairiable Pitch Wall Plate 3.0m

Vairiable Pitch Wall Plate 4.0m


Vairiable Pitch Wall Plate 6.0m


Vairiable Pitch Wall Plate Joint

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Vairiable Pitch eaves Beam 3.0m


Vairiable Pitch Eaves Beam 4.0m


Vairiable Pitch eaves Beam 6.0m


Vairiable Pitch Eaves Beam Joint

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Fixing Bolts

Bar to wall plate fixing bolts x 2 required per bar. Sold in bags of 10
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Polycarbonate Sheet 10mm Sheet Closure

Polycarbonate 10mm Sheet Closure

16mm Polycarbonate Sheet Closure

25mm Polycarbonate Sheet Closure

Polycarbonate Sheet Anti Dust Tape

Solid tape for polycarbonate sheets
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Polycarbonate Sheet Vented anti dust tape

Vented tape for polycarbonate sheets
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Black Jack Flashing 150mm

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Black Jack Flashing 225mm

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