5.0m Snap Down Main Bar

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Fits 10mm 16mm and 25mm Sheets.


Available in white or brown pack includes one end cap.


Bar base size is 45mm wide x 5.0m long

Measure and cut the polycarbonate sheet to length allowing an extension of approximately 50mm to overhang the gutter.
Cut the aluminium base section and uPVC top section to the same length as the polycarbonate sheet.
Drill holes to suit a 5mm wood screw in the centre of the aluminium base between the toothed legs. The holes should be 100mm from each end and at no greater than 500mm intervals.
Screw aluminium bases to rafters using wood screws.
Lay polycarbonate sheets on rafters starting at one end.
When all sheets are in position, remove the protective film and fit the uPVC top section by pushing the legs into the slots provided in the aluminium base. Push firmly home to ensure adequate seal.
Fit endcaps to uPVC top capping.
Fit end closure to polycarbonate sheet.